Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Aug 06, 2014
Drozd is an Intellij IDEA plugin for monitoring Java environments.
Drozd automatically discovers and monitors all Java Virtual Machines 1.6+ that are currently running on java environment that you would like to monitor.
All you have to do is to configure SSH access to java environment with JDK 1.6+ installed and choose one system property for each JVM that Drozd can use for matching between JVMs during monitoring.

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Recent change notes

Initial release of the plugin.

The following features are available:
  • Configuration of SSH access to the target environment
  • Auto-discovery for JVMs 1.6+ running on the target environment
  • Viewing of JVM system properties
  • Configuration of JVM system property for matching during monitoring
  • Monitoring of target environments
  • Monitoring period and timeout configuration per environment
  • Setting custom names for environments and JVMs
  • Enabling/disabling monitoring for environment
  • Advanced configuration for environment