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Oct 05, 2018
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Laravel Plugin

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  • Install plugin and active it per Project under "Settings > Languages & Frameworks > PHP > Laravel"
  • Use "Laravel IDE Helper Generator" to generate ide classes
  • Configure root Views directory, if not using default file structure
  • (Enable autopopup for completion in plugin setting)

  • PHP/Route: Controller completion and goto
  • PHP/Route: Router::resource references
  • PHP/Route: detect route names on "as" key
  • PHP/View: completion and goto for view templates
  • PHP/Config: "providers" class array completion
  • PHP/Config: Config key indexer, completion and goto
  • PHP/Translation: Translation key indexer, completion and goto
  • PHP: Service dic
  • Blade: extends, include and Php usage linemarker
  • Blade: section, yield, stack overwrite and implements linemarker
  • Blade: Improvements in Blade template name completion and navigation
  • Blade: trans directive
  • Template: Index for Php usage
  • Try to remove "IDE Helper Generator" deps; mostly done :)
  • Require Symfony2 Plugin, to reduce duplicate code
  • Support trans/transChoice translation syntax

Recent change notes

  • e668c2d Prepare 0.15.1 (Cedric Ziel)
  • 4c553ca Prepare 0.14.3 (Cedric Ziel)
  • 93a6e3f Verify plugin.xml on build (Cedric Ziel)
  • 0682b44 Update build environment to use 2018.3 and include tooling from symfony plugin (Cedric Ziel)
  • d894ef0 Re-use constant instead of setting up new PsiElement array instances (Martynas Sateika)
  • fc9e56c Allow double backlash route namespaces (Cedric Ziel)
  • eeea6ca Test with 2018.2 (Cedric Ziel)
  • 708f6b5 Migrate Storage annotation to shorthand variant (Cedric Ziel)
  • 7fe0795 Update build to use stable 2018.1 dependencies (Cedric Ziel)
  • ad38b20 Remove removed id property from storage annotation (Cedric Ziel)
  • a03b9b1 Gradle-ify the build (Cedric Ziel)
  • c4d3422 build 0.15 (Daniel Espendiller)
  • 626cf37 provide references for assets #170 (Daniel Espendiller)
  • 06e77c2 fix performance issue for Blade linemarkers: targets must be attached to leaf elements #161 (Daniel Espendiller)
  • 7126f98 provide directory navigation for Blade template strings (Daniel Espendiller)
  • 8bc7c41 remove old api workaround for unknown directive parameter content extraction (Daniel Espendiller)
  • 5c143fe add Blade template name path navigation; fix path namespace filter (Daniel Espendiller)
  • c11e39e fix "component" and "slot" navigation (Daniel Espendiller)
  • f9d56b7 Config files matching refactored + tests added (Adel)
  • 8fe0748 provide lazy and cached resolver for template names in all Blade linemarker (Daniel Espendiller)
  • 561804f Remove unneeded reference (Adel)
  • 44c3b85 convert Blade template include navigation to lazy target implementation (Daniel Espendiller)
  • 539a4a9 convert Blade template file navigation to lazy target implementation (Daniel Espendiller)
  • d020c70 replace cost intensive template resolving on path visiting (Daniel Espendiller)
  • c5be079 optimize global Blade path usages; add tests for template visiting (Daniel Espendiller)
  • eb59230 provide tests for template resolving; optimize some api calls (Daniel Espendiller)
  • be82908 Migrate FileBasedIndexImpl usage to FileBasedIndex (Daniel Espendiller)
  • a7a46f1 Blade COMPONENT_DIRECTIVE must also be indexed as file include (Daniel Espendiller)
  • bddf8d2 provide indexer for all Blade include directives and use some new Blade apis #165 (Daniel Espendiller)
  • f65cfd3 cleanup plugin.xml changelog and provide footer template (Daniel Espendiller)
  • 2e041b2 use new directory SLOT_DIRECTIVE and COMPONENT_DIRECTIVE for completion parameter pattern #167 (Daniel Espendiller)
  • eeef0e5 prepare tests for Blade index visiting migration (Daniel Espendiller)
  • 2404dbc support Blade includeWhen, includeFirst for template references #152 #158 #142 (Daniel Espendiller)
  • 207e66f replace deprecated ScalarIndexExtension usages in indexing process (Daniel Espendiller)
  • 5d2aa60 Create (Daniel Espendiller)
  • 1e5f1b7 add author docs (Daniel Espendiller)
  • 7dfcde5 Fix typo (Luiz)
  • d277c68 add link for donation (Daniel Espendiller)
  • e87a561 fix travis testing environment (Daniel Espendiller)