Ouzo framework plugin

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
Aug 22, 2016
Ouzo framework plugin
What's new:
  • Support for legacy namespaces (only for legacy ouzo applications)

  • Completion for array keys in constructor and create, createNoValidation, newInstance, where, assignAttributes and updateAttributes Model's methods based on Models @property tags
  • Translation extraction action for twig
  • Translation extraction action
  • References for translation keys
  • References for controllers and actions in routes
  • References for views
  • References for partials
  • References for models in relation definition
  • Navigation from Controllers actions to corresponding views (with 'Go To/Ouzo View' and 'Navigate/Related symbol' (Ctrl+Alt+Home))
  • Navigation from views to Controllers actions (with 'Navigate/Related symbol' (Ctrl+Alt+Home))
  • Annotate unused translations
  • Annotate invalid entries in translation files
  • Annotate missing translations
  • Add missing translation intention action
  • Edit translation intention action
  • Show all usages of a translation key
  • Remove unused translation intention action
  • Rename refactoring for translation keys
  • Translation key completion

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