Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jun 17, 2015
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Haskell support.

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Recent change notes


  • Added feature to automatically download sources of project dependencies and add them as source libraries to module
  • Support for renaming Haskell module
  • Bug fixes
  • Improvements


  • Support for IntelliJ 14.1


  • Bug fixes
  • Improvements
  • Support for upcoming version of ghc-mod with Cabal-helper


  • Improved parser and formatting


  • Bug fixes
  • (Performance) improvements
  • Improved syntax highlighting
  • Added Haskell module
  • Support for qualified identifiers
  • Optimize imports


  • Support for IntelliJ 14. IntelliJ 13.x is not supported since this version
  • Improved rename by setting scope automatically. Also local rename does not force preview anymore
  • Improved Find Usages


  • Improved communication with ghc-modi by increasing timeout
  • Minor improvements


  • Support for exact search in navigate to declaration and identifier by putting space at the end
  • Intention actions for adding language extension pragma and type signature to code
  • Minor improvements in formatting


  • Inspection by HLint
  • Quick fixes for HLint suggestions
  • View error, action to view formatted message from ghc-mod. Especially useful in case message consists of multiple lines (Ctrl-F10, Meta-F10 on Mac OSX)
  • Haskell GHC SDK. I noticed that setting GHC SDK for existing Haskell project gave warning about corrupt SDK. In that case: close project, remove idea files and open project again.
  • Removed ghcOsxPath setting in favour of GHC SDK home path
  • ghc-modi process is started on request, not automatically anymore when project is opened
  • Improvements


  • Initial version

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