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Oct 20, 2014
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Checkmarx plugin for IntelliJ allows retrieving scan results from the Checkmarx scan server. Full user's manual can be found here:

Download plugin

General usage instructions

To run a code scan from IntelliJ for a code project or one of its folders or files:

  1. In IntelliJ, right-click the project, folder, or file, and select CxViewer > Scan:

  2. Confirm connection details and click OK:

  3. Select a Project Name, and by Preset select the query set:

  4. Select the relevant user Team, and whether the project should be Visible to others.
    Click OK.

The project is uploaded to the CxSuite server and scanned. Scan progress appears at the bottom of the IntelliJ window, and also in the CxSuite web interface queue..

When the scan is complete, results open automatically.