Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Nov 22, 2017
The OpenCms Plugin for IntelliJ lets you sync files and folders from your local Filesystem to the OpenCms VFS and vice versa. It enables OpenCms direct publishing right from your IDE and it lets you package your modules into module zips that can be imported in any OpenCms instance.

  • Integration of OpenCms menus in:
    • the main menu
    • the project popup menu
    • the editor popup menu
    • the editor tab popup menu
  • Integration of menu actions to sync files and folders between your local file system and the OpenCms VFS
  • Integration of menu actions to start OpenCms direct publish sessions for files and folders right from your IDE
  • Integration of menu actions to generate manifest.xml files for your modules
  • Integration of menu actions to package module zips that can be imported in OpenCms
  • Integration of menu actions to import module zips in OpenCms
  • Supports three different sync modes that can be configured for each module:
    • PUSH: Local file system is master
    • SYNC: Changes are synced depending on the file or resource date
    • PULL: The OpenCms VFS is master
  • Automatic publishing of file changes (configurable)
  • Automatically pulls resource meta data (e.g. properties) from OpenCms and stores it as XML files in the local file system.

See the plugin's GitHub Wiki for details

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Recent change notes

* Fixed a severe bug that was caused by a breaking change in IntelliJ (no UI allowed during file change events, (see the corresponding IntelliJ change on GitHub, and that led to IntelliJ crashing when files contained in the VFS were deleted, moved or renamed in the IntelliJ project (internal tickets MCMS-64, MCMS-66). * Fixed multiple exceptions that occurred after IntelliJ introduced concurrent module initialization (previously modules were initialized sequentially) because the plugin's OpenCms module initialization code was not thread safe. Now OpenCms modules are initialized only after all IntelliJ modules are initialized.