Save Actions

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm PyCharm
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Supports configurable, Eclipse like, save actions, including "organize imports", "reformat code", "rearrange code", "compile file" and some quick fixes like "add / remove 'this' qualifier", etc. The plugin executes the configured actions when the file is synchronised (or saved) on disk.

Available save actions

Code formatting:

  • Organize imports
  • Reformat code (only changed text or all)
  • Rearrange code (reorder methods, fields, etc.)


  • Compile file

Quick fixes:

  • Add final to local variable
  • Add final to field
  • Remove explicit generic type for diamond
  • Qualify field access with this
  • Remove unused suppress warning annotation
  • Remove final from private method
  • Remove unnecessary semicolon
  • Add missing @Override annotations
  • Use blocks in if/while/for statement


  • File inclusion / exclusion with regex support
  • Works on any file type Intellij IDEA can reformat (Java, XML, etc.)
  • Simple option page to activate / deactivate actions


It works in Intellij IDEA Community Edition build 135+, and is not expected to work in other products. See issue #18 for a beta packaging that works in all products.


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