Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
Apr 20, 2017
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Unofficial eZ-plugin. Provides completion for contentclasses and attributes in eZ Publish 5.x / Platform.

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Recent change notes
  • Completions added for getField and getFieldValue in twig (and their twig-shortcuts: field and fieldValue)
  • Cached-completions are now cleared if the bundle returns an invalid result.
  • Yaml-completions for: controllers, views, matchers and their available values.
  • Automatic content-type detection based on yml-configuration.
  • ContentType-completions in twig.
  • Plugin is now disabled by default. Be sure to enable! :)
  • Added completions for configResolver->getParameter(...)
  • Added completions for repository->canUser/hasAccess(...)
  • Improved presentation of completions.
  • Added completions for available fields on Content-objects.
  • Type-providers are also available for said fields.
  • Added completions for fields in twig.
  • Added field-completions and type-providers for translation/field-helpers.
  • Completions are now persisted and loaded from cache upon project-open.
  • Added create eZDoc-intention.
  • Field-descriptions are now available as annotations.
  • Plugin no longer tries to resolve types or provide completions if indexing is in progress.
  • It is now possible to disable the plugin per project.
  • Plugin is now compiled using java 1.6 (issue#4)
  • Remote dependencies are now optional.
  • Added support for the assetic-watch command.
  • Background-actions now shows progress.
  • Environment is now optional.
  • Completions are no longer case-sensitive.
  • Inserted values are now available in completion-list.
  • Added support for local and remote PHP-interpreters.
  • Added error-notifications

General usage instructions

  • Be sure to install bundle:

  • Add to composer.json: "flageolett/ezcompletionbundle": "1.0.4"

  • Readme:

  • Feedback and feature-suggestions are most welcome!