Docker integration

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm RubyMine AppCode CLion GoLand DataGrip Rider MPS Android Studio
Mar 20, 2019
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This plugin lets you download and build Docker images, create and start Docker containers, and carry out other related tasks.

Recent change notes


  • IDEA-171370 - Docker: new UI for Docker Deployment Run configuration - separate config types
  • IDEA-174375 - Docker run configuration - support --build-arg's
  • IDEA-172716 - Docker - allow build-only Dockerfile run configurations
  • IDEA-174209 - Support custom dockerfile names
  • IDEA-154517 - Docker: support alternate names for compose yml
  • IDEA-170244 - Docker: provide completion and navigation for ADD instruction values


  • IDEA-171031 - Docker: provide completion inside docker-compose.yml files
  • IDEA-172464 - Dockerfile inspections
  • IDEA-170253 - Docker: Validate the number of arguments for instructions in the Dockerfile
  • IDEA-167262 - New interface for Docker, Execution, Deployment > Docker page


  • Switched to docker-java v3.0.10


  • IDEA-172233 - Dockerfile: respect variables declared in ARG instructions
  • IDEA-170246 - Docker: Support HEALTHCHECK and SHELL commands
  • IDEA-172226 - Support multi-stages FROM AS syntax
  • IDEA-172464 - Dockerfile inspections


  • IDEA-166774 - Allow to test/run Dockerfile with one click
  • IDEA-155575 - Allow to create a Container from the chosen Dockerfile from Project view

  • IDEA-159881 Ignored .env file in docker compose
  • IDEA-167369 Jackson UnrecognizedPropertyExceptions when authenticating at Docker Registry
  • IDEA-169385 Docker: parser error for ENV declarations containing punctuation
  • IDEA-171013 Docker: Defining DOCKER_HOST env var to anything but URI renders Docker integration useless


  • IDEA-168519 Editor support for Dockerfile variables
  • IDEA-152530 Docker api url is wrong for Linux
  • PY-23041 NPE is thrown on adding docker-compose interpreter if service description is empty
  • PY-22753 Throwing exception on parsing port string with envs inside fixed


  • IDEA-152660 Docker Log console does not support ANSI color codes
  • IDEA-153202 Docker plugin - allow to hide stopped containers and untagged (none:none) images
  • IDEA-168191 red code shown for valid "||" operator in Dockerfile


  • IDEA-159223 Support direct connection via unix:// on Mac OS X


  • Aligned with 2016.3
  • PY-21465 Switched to use Netty 4.1.5 to fix multiple problems
  • IDEA-152432 Docker plugin suggests using Dockerfile from libraries
  • IDEA-162047 Performance problem on startup from Dockerfile detection


  • IDEA-161514 Docker Deployment run configuration hangs
  • Allow to cancel pullImage() and exec() operations; more correct counting of total and current download sizes
  • IDEA-152971 - Docker: dedicate view is not created on first server registration until project is reopened
  • "Pipe closed" exception on reading container's stderr fixed
  • Merged with remote execution integrations:
    • PY-20999 InvalidStateException on adding Python docker interpreter fixed
    • Stuck of the debugger on exiting a Python script fixed
    • Updating progress indicator status with stdout messages from running docker container
    • PY-20860 Built-ins aren't resolved for Docker remote interpreter
    • Docker remote run - use docker agent in remote language integrations
    • PY-20743 I have just upgraded and now python interpreter is not working for docker-compose
    • PY-20358 Reloading generated skeletons keeps on running
    • WEB-22719 Node remote interpreter: Docker: correct error message when server is not selected
    • PY-20358 Reloading generated skeletons keeps on running


  • Docker - more secure version of the warning suggested for IDEA-153973


  • IDEA-153973 - show warning about socat-based workaround
  • DSGN-2940 - Create new Docker icons
  • improve error handling
  • IDEA-155582 - Docker. Error is displayed for "!" in the correct Dockerfile in the Editor.
  • IDEA-155150 - Dockerfile editor misidentifies $(...) as syntax error
  • IDEA-155508 - Docker. Error is displayed for the correct Dockerfile in the Editor.


  • IDEA-153973 - Plugin: Docker fails to connect via unix:// on Mac OS X
  • IDEA-157736 - Deploying docker container fails because HostConfig was removed in docker v1.12
  • IDEA-155356 - Docker: Order containers and Images in the Docker View
  • IDEA-142322 - Add possibility to close attached console
  • IDEA-155340 - Docker: Add possibility to "inspect" for images - tab for image properties
  • IDEA-151199 - Docker: (on win / mac): Compute the local volume bindings considering virtual box path mapping


  • IDEA-153414 - Docker-compose Redeploy should rebuild before deploying
  • show existing mounts in volume bindings runtime editor
  • fixed IDEA-150433 - Dockerfile editor should recognize multiline quotes
  • IDEA-146876 - Docker: code style for Dockerfile
  • IDEA-148564 - New help pages for Docker available


  • IDEA-155691 - Docker: attach fails for remote Docker with insecured HTTP access


  • IDEA-154430 - Docker Compose: scale action for services
  • IDEA-154429 - Docker Compose: start/stop action for services
  • IDEA-150970 - Docker: edit container settings in the Docker view - show all container names in the Properties tab
  • fixed WEB-21233 ClassNotFoundException is thrown by Docker when any Remote Node.js interpreter is present


  • fixed IDEA-146347 Docker Plugin fails to attach to container running on server bound to unix socket


  • fixed IDEA-153513 Docker: terminals for Attach and Exec are broken


  • fixed IDEA-153303 Docker Run/Debug window missing labels for inputs


  • fixed IDEA-153214 Docker plug-in depends on SSH Remote Run which is not available in Community Edition


  • fixed IDEA-153110 PhpStorm fails to open PHP Interpreter dialog


  • IDEA-137765 Support docker-compose - initial
  • IDEA-151921 Docker Compose: show composed services / containers in separate subtree in Docker view
  • IDEA-150970 Docker: edit container settings in the Docker view - volume bindings tab
  • IDEA-151479 Don't show detected docker files from project libraries


  • Docker Machine supported
  • IDEA-150969 Docker: replace utility subnodes in the docker tree with tabbed ui
  • IDEA-150970 Docker: edit container settings in the Docker view - environment variables tab
  • IDEA-150970 Docker: edit container settings in the Docker view - port bindings tab
  • fixed IDEA-151477 Dockerfile false negative syntax error message


  • IDEA-150968 Docker: provide Docker view separately from Application servers


  • fixed IDEA-148830 Building Docker images takes forever in IDEA 15
  • OC-13026 Disable Docker plugin for AppCode until we will decide to include Deployment section in settings


  • fixed IDEA-145814 Dockerfile synthax errors
  • Exec supported with Unix socket - see IDEA-146347
  • IDEA-137782 Docker: detect dockerfile and suggest to create run config


  • IDEA-148572 Dockerfile editor: provide completions for keywords
  • IDEA-144536 Dockerfile in project root does not work with files in project root
  • IDEA-146993 Added validation for the colon in the 'Host path' field to the volume binding dialog
  • IDEA-138981 Disable ability "Show processes" for not running containers
  • IDEA-145812 Missing icon for dockerfile


  • Exec session supports both input and output


  • Dedicated application component for Docker Registry accounts
  • Allow to test connection to a Docker Registry
  • Pre-select registry of the image being pushed
  • Pull from Docker Hub by default
  • Fix: disable pull action for other clouds


  • Supported pull and push to a Docker Registry
  • IDEA-146001 Docker: show details of the created container on successful deploy


  • IDEA-145858 Docker: improve status workflow in the Application Servers tool window
  • IDEA-145971 Docker: group containers and images under dedicated tree nodes in the Application Servers view


  • IDEA 15 EAP build 143.116 supported


  • Dockerfile language initial support
  • fixed IDEA-145630 Docker: deployment process interrupted if base image needs to be pulled


  • IDEA-145427 Docker: support full set of the options from Docker 1.21 remote api
  • IDEA-138992 Simplify converting options for command line docker util into json
  • provide existing container names in link creation dialog


  • fixed several NPEs, see IDEA-145239, IDEA-145240, IDEA-145237


  • IDEA-144399 Support for Docker Toolbox
  • IDEA-144850 Docker: run a command in a running container
  • IDEA-144983 Docker: improve UI for configuring container options
  • IDEA-145154 Docker: allow to configure links to other containers
  • IDEA-144612 Docker support: mount to volume current project


  • Built with Java 6, notify Java 7 required


  • Moved to IDEA 15
  • Added TTY support in console


  • Fix: unable to build list of containers due null as a container name


  • Provided console (bash) access to a running container


  • Added possibility to configure a container for an existing image