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Go! AOP Plugin
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This plugin adds a support for aspect-oriented programming in PHP with Go! AOP plugin for IDEA products, allowing for natural experience with advised methods, pointcuts and aspects. Installation
  • Open "Settings > "Plugins", select "Browse Repositories" and type "Go! AOP"
  • Install it and PHP Annotations Plugin, then restart your IDE
  • Go! AOP pointcut syntax highlighting and parsing
  • Analysis of pointcuts and insertion of line markers for navigation to the concrete advice
  • Highlighting of incorrect doctrine annotations for @access, @execution and @within pointcuts
  • Completion of doctrine annotations for @access, @execution and @within pointcuts
  • Completion of visibility modifiers and pointcut keywords
  • Automatic injection of pointcut language into the Go\Lang\Annotation\* annotations
  • Color settings adjustment for pointcut expressions
  • Support for the Php-Deal Design-by-Contract framework for PHP
  • Completion contributor for class names and reference provider

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Version 1.2.0 of Go! AOP Framework plugin