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Mar 16, 2019
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This plugin provides Perl5 & Pod support. Basic functionality may be extended with additional plugins:

More information may be found in our Wiki.

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Recent change notes


  • Control flow graph is now computed for your sources, moving plugin to the next level of intelligence. For start:
    • Unreachable code inspection.
    • Exit points highlighting.
  • Find Usages:
    • Grouping by the file structure, displaying usage context (sub, package or pod section), #1919.
    • Grouping and filtering by the read/write access type, including list and hash modifying subs, #1918.
  • Tests running, by @dimentox and @tomk3003
    • Run Configuration to run tests using prove with default IDE tests result UI, (requires Tap::Formatter::Camelcade).
    • Diff window for a test failure output: got/expected.
    • Parallel tests running.
    • Debugging tests (parallel running suppressed).
    • Runing tests with coverage (parallel running suppressed).
  • Automatic injections can now be configured for strings and heredocs using java regular expressions in File | Settings | Editor | Language Injections, by @Christoffen.
  • Readonly syntax support, by @pJungler.
  • Log::Log4perl imports support, by @giddel.
  • Support for the POD in the __END__ block, #1896.
  • Support for interpolation in match regex with (?{...}) and (??{...}), #1906.
  • Breadcrumbs for perl and pod files, including inline POD, by @psewi-cpan.
  • Support for the Pod::Weaver syntax, by @Zaitsev.
  • Debugger is now displays stringified objects representation if "" operator is overloaded. Additionally, you may specify custom renderer for any package, using File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger | Data Views | Perl5 Type Renderers settings (requires debugger module 2019.1), by @cdalvaro.
  • Truthiness inspection with quickfixes to add explicit defined or string/numeric equality check, by @RickMeasham.
  • New option for the remote debugging: automatic reconnection. Allows to re-connect to the process until manually stopped, by @djstauffer.
  • Improved resolve for File::Spec::Functions subs. Actual module has tricky exporting, binding OS-specific implementation in runtime. Plugin for now resolves to the Unix implementations from the File::Spec::Unix, by @grakkpl.
  • Bundle::Camelcade module introduced. Installs all modules that may may be required when working with the perl plugin. Going to be suggested for installation as alternative for particular modules, #1946.


  • Run Configuration editor now looks less chaotic.
  • Packages list in Install package action is now split by spaces, commas and semicolons, allowing to install arbitrary version with cpan, e.g. HURRICUP/Devel-Camelcadedb-v2018.3.0.tar.gz.
  • Formatting and enter handling for code in replacement regex with e modifier, #1915
  • It's now possible to add perl with non-default -v response, by @EdenOaksConsulting.
  • Better parsing for Types::Standard things, #1887.
  • Better parsing of different try-catch syntaxes.
  • Minor parser improvements: #1890, #1891, #1893, #1894, #1895, #1901, #1904, #1905, #1897.