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Camelcade plugin adds Perl5 support for IntelliJ IDEA and other JetBrains products.

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Recent change notes


  • Plugin now uses debugger module v2017.1x
  • Better comments parsing in char classes and \Q...\E quotes in regexps
  • Better POSIX chars classes parsing
  • Perl 5.26 syntax support:
    • /xx regexp modifier
    • Lexing and parsing for lexical subs. NB: for now there is no proper resolving for them. Works as usual subs. Please, see #1439.
    • Indentable here-docs
    • References declarations
    • ^CAPTURE and ^CAPTURE_ALL variables
    • Perl settings now allows You to choose target Perl version. In case 5.26 is selected, resolve won't check current directory while resolving packages.


  • Lexing of short bare here-doc openers. By tonegz
  • Lexing of $( and $) inside the match part of regexp. #1435
  • Indentation of here-docs with selection and tab.
  • Completion of packages in current directory (prior to 5.26)