Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA MPS Android Studio
ANTLR and org.campagnelab.antrl.tomps languages. The ToMPS language helps develop ANTLR-compatible visitors to parse text into nodes of an MPS language. ToMPS also provide support to create concepts of a new MPS language (whose nodes will be populated by the parser), using the ANTLR grammar as a guide. Note that version 1.1.3 only includes the subset of ANTLR that we needed to model to implement the R language. Sadly, no documentation is available at this point and the language is unpolished. Reference build: 208 in branch master and with commit : 705fdcc29db0a8bb6e01439d4446f8120c82c8db.

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General usage instructions

See documentation link for a tutorial. See GitHub for snapshots and example of application in the MetaR project.