OXID Plugin

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
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OXID Plugin

Because of code sharing install Symfony2 Plugin and enable it per project

Dependencies Features
  • PHP: Periodically scans module metadata for class inheritance and exports them to ".phpstorm-oxid.meta.php" in your project root
  • PHP: Metadata file exists inspector in array values
  • PHP: oxLang::translateString support
  • PHP: TypeProvider, references for factory function: oxNew, oxRegistry::get
  • PHP: Custom class inheritance TypeProvider for factories that a extended by metafile
  • PHP: oxConfig::*ConfigParam
  • PHP: Completion and navigation in all metadata files; array key and value context
  • Smarty: Block references and linemarker
  • Smarty: File includes references
  • Smarty: File metadata parser for template related stuff
  • Smarty: Ident oxmultilang, oxcontent

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Recent change notes

  • Fix NullPointerException in visitMetadataKey #5
  • fix modules without vendor are not in .phpstorm-oxid.meta.php #2
  • Add cache for metadata getExtendsList, as this one is the slowest stuff
  • Support core "lang.php" for translations
  • Fix repeating File Cache Conflict since #4
  • Implement traits generator for extend metadata class, so every module class knows foreign inheritance
  • Add support oxmultilang::ident and oxcontent::ident in smarty
  • Fix lookup elements for factory methods where collected in nowhere
  • proxy getArrayKeyValueMap for npe fix #1
  • Recursive search for module or vendor module structure #2
  • Support array key of "extend" in metadata #3
  • Some performance improvements