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Sep 01, 2016
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A tool to assist you when you need code references. As Developers, we tend to hunt for best-practices of using common and uncommon libraries in order to make our code more efficient. Often, a lot of time and energy is spent understanding the pros and cons of different approaches. KodeBeagle aims to solve this problem. It cites common practices from standard code references.

How it works ?

KodeBeagle servers crawl through existing popular open source projects only and collects useful information about them. When a user searches, it queries the kodebeagle servers by making a remote call and fetches relevant results. Currently, the source for code of open source projects is Github.

We do not collect any personal information on our servers nor do we send user-end code on our servers for processing. The processing of keywords takes place on the plugin locally. These keywords are references to libraries external to the projects. These are send as part of the query to our servers. There is a way to exclude user defined library by clicking settings icon on the plugin and configuring exclude imports. Deciding which library is external and should be included in search is automatic and user configurable both.

Furthermore, participation on improving search results based on anonymous search logging can be opted-out from plugin settings. Please review our privacy policy for more details on data collection KodeBeagle privacy policy.

KodeBeagle Website: KodeBeagle.com

Technology Stack : Elasticsearch and Apache Spark

Current Status: Beta

Supported Languages: Java, Scala

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Recent change notes

See milestone for this version(0.1.5) at: Milestones on github.