Externalizer4j Plugin

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
May 22, 2016
The serialization compiler: Externalizer4j analyzes and converts Serializable classes into Externalizable ones without any coding. Automatically optimize serialization with every build from now on.

The serialization logic is highly optimized and always safe.

Enjoy the benefits of optimize serialization for your applications. Speed up many Java technologies:

  • RMI
  • JMS
  • Session beans
  • Servlet
  • Clustering
  • Distributed computing (ex. JGroups, Hazelcast)
  • Distributed caches

This full featured plugin is FREE to use for personal and commercial use. Commercial support is available. See documentation and FAQ Contact us on google+ at https://www.google.com/+Externalizer4j

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General usage instructions

After installing the plugin you must enable it explicitly! Go to Settings->Other Settings->ExternalizeJr settings and enable the checkbox. The optimization plugin is now active. For each module you wish to optimize create a file called 'externalizer4j.properties' in your code's resources directory. Put at least one line in it: 'acceptEULA=true' The plugin will now optimize this module. Other project modules without a 'externalizer4j.properties' will NOT get optimized.