Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Sep 01, 2015

It's a tool for track log as cat / tail command.
1. you can bind log trackers with a project.
2. it support big logs.
3. it support charset changing.
4. you should not tail the log with any other window.

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Why PonyTail?
Because of my son, obsessing about Badanamu's first Song - Ponytail
and it's a tool like tail command for us.
so, just for memory.

1. 你可以为单个项目绑定相关日志
2. 支持超大文件部分读取
3. 支持字符集改变
4. 不必再开另外的窗口去查看日志

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因为我儿子正痴迷于Badanamu的第一首儿歌 - Ponytail
然后这个工具也类似于tail一样的作用, 所以做个纪念吧!

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