Visual Studio Team Services

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Aug 16, 2018
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Visual Studio Team Services is a plugin to enable working with Git and TFVC repositories on Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) or Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2015+.
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  • Supports authenticating with Team Services and TFS 2015+ to work with source code in Git and TFVC repositories.
  • Checkout code from Git and TFVC repositories on Visual Studio Team Services and TFS 2015+.
  • Git specific features:
    • Import IntelliJ projects into Git repositories on Team Services and TFS 2015+.
    • Create pull requests and view your active pull requests.
    • Create a new branch and associate it with the work item you are working on.
    • Quickly browse to file history or commit details on the web from the IDE.
  • TFVC specific features:
    • Execute all basic version control actions such as add, delete, rename, move, etc.
    • View local changes and history for your files.
    • Lock and unlock files and directories.
    • Add labels to files and directories.
    • Create, view, manage, and edit a workspace.
    • Supports using a TFS proxy.
    • Local workspace support only.
  • View work items based on queries and select one or more work items to associate with your commits or checkins.
  • Check the build status of your repository and queue a new build if desired.
  • Supports proxy settings configured in the IDE's System Settings section.
  • Edit cached project information through configuration management.

Compiled with Java 1.6
Compatible with IntelliJ Ultimate and Community editions versions 14.1.7 and later and Android Studio 1.2 and later

End User License Agreement & Privacy Policy
By installing this plugin, you agree to our end user license terms and privacy policy. For information about our privacy policy, please view the Microsoft Visual Studio Product Family Privacy Statement
Note: When using the TFVC support, this plugin will pass your Team Foundation credentials securely to the TF command line tool. That tool is installed separately and it is up to the user to verify that it is in a secure location on disk and has not been tampered with.

Recent change notes

v 1.150.0
  • Updated the authentication library to keep up-to-date with fixes and changes.