EvoSuite Plugin

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Feb 21, 2016
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IntelliJ plugin for the EvoSuite tool, which is used to automatically generate high coverage JUnit tests. To generate test cases, EvoSuite uses advanced evolutionary algorithms enhanced by static analysis of the bytecode of the tested classes.

Note: this plugin is just used to call EvoSuite from inside IntelliJ IDEA, and so you still need to configure and install EvoSuite separately. You can do it automatically via its Maven plugin, or add the executable jar directly into your project.

Main features:
  • Generation of JUnit 4 tests for the selected classes
  • Optimization of different coverage criteria, like lines, branches, outputs, mutation testing, etc.
  • Tests are minimized: only the ones contributing to achieve coverage are retained
  • Generation of JUnit asserts to capture the current behavior of the tested classes
  • Tests run in a sandbox to prevent potentially dangerous operations
  • Virtual file system
  • Virtual network

For more information, see the documentation on www.evosuite.org

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