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ChroMATERIAL is a color scheme that expresses the chromatic nature of Material Design within IntelliJ and Android Studio. In particular, ChroMATERIAL focuses on syntax highlighting of code within the IDE's code editor. It's uniqueness lies in the idea of enhance influence, not banality.

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Recent change notes

v1.1.1 ::

- v1.1 did not work when deployed. This is a quick-fix.

v1.1 ::

- Added Languages: C / C++
- Added Support: Debugger, ProGuard files, Ignore files

- Other Notable changes:

* Simplified the color scheme.
* Folded text is a different color.
* Numbers and Strings are the same color.
* Annotation colors are similar in style to comments.

v1.0 :: Initial Release:

- Added Color Scheme: Default (dark)
- Added Languages: Java (Android), Groovy, XML, JSON, HTML
- Added Support: Android Manifest, Android Resources, Gradle files, LogCat, Property files, and diffs