Fabric for Android Studio

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Dec 06, 2018
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Fabric for Android Studio


Fabric launches with two core Kits - Crashlytics & Answers. More on that below.

SDK Onboarding.
Instead of reading through dozens of pages or watching videos to learn how to integrate an SDK, our plugin quickly and smoothly walks you through adding Kits to your app so you can spend more time coding. It's that easy.

Build Tools support. We've tightly integrated our plugin capabilities with Gradle, Maven, and Ant, giving you all the power of Fabric from your command line build tools.

Multi-Organization Support. Part of multiple organizations? Want to switch between them? You can! Just click the small arrow in the upper left corner to bring up the list of your organizations.

Live Updating.
If you or your teammates close issues, delete an app, or add an app on the web or through the IDE plugins, it will update live. Those changes will be reflected immediately in your Fabric plugin.

Automated Deobfuscation.
Using Crashlytics and ProGuard? Our plugins and build tools know you when build and auto-upload your mapping files to our servers, giving you deobfuscated stack traces on your Crashlytics dashboard.

Issues View.
You can see the list of your Crashlytics issues right on your desktop! If you want more details, simply click through and it will load the issue in your browser.

Have questions? Shoot us an email at support@fabric.io. Need access to Fabric? Visit Fabric.io.

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