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Oct 12, 2017
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Bitbucket/Stash References plugin is now called Bitbucket Linky

Bitbucket Linky plugin provides a handy ways to navigate to Atlassian Bitbucket. This plugin adds following actions into your IDE:

  • copy Bitbucket link to the selected file or selected lines in the file (Ctrl+Shift+X,C on Windows / Cmd+Shift+X,C on Mac)
  • open selected file or selected lines in the file in Bitbucket in your Browser (Ctrl+Shift+X,B on Windows / Cmd+Shift+X,B on Mac)
  • copy Bitbucket link to the selected commit (VCS log and editor gutter context menus)
  • open selected commit in Bitbucket in your Browser (VCS log and editor gutter context menus)
  • open Create pull request form in Bitbucket for current branch (Ctrl+Shift+X,P on Windows / Cmd+Shift+X,P on Mac)

Bitbucket Linky supports both Bitbucket Cloud and Bitbucket Server (formerly known as Stash).
The plugin uses your project's VCS settings (supports both Git and Mercurial) to build links to the repository in Bitbucket, and in most cases doesn't require configuration. However, if Bitbucket hosting is not automatically recognized, it can be configured via IDE preferences.

Bitbucket Linky uses Git integration and hg4idea plugins to integrate with Git and Mercurial, respectively. These plugins come with every JetBrains IDE, but you might need to enable them in order to use Bitbucket Linky actions. Both dependencies are optional though, so you can enable only one for the VCS you are using.

Huge thanks to Brent Plump and Piotr WilczyƄski!

Please note that this plugin is not officially supported by Atlassian.

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Recent change notes

3.6: released on 12.10.2017

  • Fix: Discovery of a wrong Bitbucket instance type
  • Fix: Crash on certain type of Git remote repository URL format
  • Fix: Update plugin description to mention dependencies on Git and Mercurial plugins

3.5: released on 12.09.2017

  • Fix: Compatibility issues with Hg plugin
  • New: Create Pull Request action is available in VCS tool window for projects with single repository
  • New: Linky warns if link was created for a commit that has not been pushed to the remote
  • Change: Low level logs of HTTP requests during Bitbucket discovery

3.4: released on 06.05.2017

  • Fix: Remote selection algorithm in case of multiple registered remotes is now deterministic
  • New: Configurable remote selection strategy: automatic selection or fixed remote
  • New: Linky actions added to the VCS log, changes viewer and diff viewer

3.3: released on 22.03.2017

  • New: Linky actions available in older revisions of a file

3.2: released on 02.03.2017

  • Fix: Compatibility issues with IntelliJ 2016.1 and 2016.2

3.1: released on 23.02.2017

  • Fix: Branch name escaping in Create Pull Request link
  • Fix: File line reference in Commit link for Bitbucket Cloud

3.0: released on 19.02.2017

  • New: Copy commit link action
  • New: Configuration screens for manual linking to Bitbucket instance
  • New: Configurable default target branch for Create pull request action
  • Change: Update action icons
  • Change: Revamp discovered hosting properties storage
  • Change: Change the way Bitbucket is discovered

2.4: released on 05.09.2016

  • Fix: Handle special characters in branch name (applicable to 'Create Pull Request' action)
  • New: Support git:// protocol scheme

2.3: released on 26.05.2016

  • New: Introduced 'Create Pull Request' action

2.2: released on 04.03.2016

  • Fix: Revert changes to line number inclusion/exclusion

2.1: released on 30.01.2016

  • Fix: Fix URL construction on Windows
  • Fix: Fix Hg repositories discovery
  • New: Bitbucket Cloud development environment support

2.0: released on 27.01.2016

  • New: Include the selected file and line in the link to the Commit view
  • Change: Improve text selections handling
  • Change: Link points to the commit hash instead of the branch name, whenever possible
  • Change: Optimize hosting application discovery process

1.6: released on 15.01.2016

  • Fix: Optional dependencies on Git and Hg plugins
  • Fix: Support spaces and other special characters in file path
  • Change: User-centric URL for Bitbucket Server personal projects

1.5: released on 01.01.2016

  • New: Bitbucket actions are available during indexing time
  • Fix: Support for multiple mercurial repositories within one project
  • Fix: Bitbucket actions are disabled for ignored and untracked files

1.4: released on 19.11.2015

  • Fix: Support for more types of remote URLs.

1.3: released on 17.11.2015

  • New: Bitbucket rediscovery attempts
  • Change: First keystroke of shortcuts mapped to Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+X

1.2: released on 03.11.2015

  • Fix: Mercurial commit hash handling
  • Change: Shortcuts have single second keystroke

1.0: released on 03.11.2015

  • New: 'Copy link' and 'Open' actions for files and 'Open' action for commits shown in the gutter