Completion Stats Collector

Compatible with: PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm RubyMine AppCode CLion GoLand
Feb 11, 2019
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This plugin collects data about your usage of code completion, anonymises and sends it to us. Note, the plugin doesn't send any of your personal data or code. All we send is just numbers calculated based on your completion usage patterns.

Recent change notes

  • Send diff for ranking factors between two consequent lookups in one session
  • Make compatible with 2018.3
  • Minor: fix issues with synchronization of settings
  • Set events timestamps correctly
  • Add initial completion performance logging
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • EA-123577 Fix bug when the plugin could not save completion logs
  • Fix issues with large disk space consumption for log storage
  • Remove ngrams indexing (the experiment is over)
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Fix EA-119518 when java is not available
  • Fix EA-119755 storage corrupted exception
  • Add an ability to allow n-grams indexing by default for new projects
  • Fix a deadlock (IDEA-190432)
  • Collect AST n-gram frequencies for each lookup items.
  • Collect data to discover long-term patterns in completion usage.

General usage instructions

Code completion is one of the most useful features of an IDE. In IntelliJ IDEA we have more than one types of code completion: Basic Completion, Smart Completion, Second Completion,Second Smart Completion, Statement Completion, Hippie Completion. Each of them in turn uses different algorithms and heuristics. However, none of them uses real machine learning yet.
This is what we’d like to change as we believe machine learning may improve completion efficiency. In order to implement a proper machine learning algorithm, we need more data from you.