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This plugin provides "Method References" and "Type Provider" extracted from the Symfony Plugin. You can configure the plugin with simple per project files .ide-toolbox.metadata.json to support for eg $f->('date_time')->format, new Datetime('caret'). Also it improves some PhpStorm Core functionality.

  • PHP: More type hint variable completion variants
  • PHP: Better callable arrays completion and navigation
  • PHP: Global string navigation for class, method and function syntax
  • JSON plugin references extract from Symfony Plugin: schema see README
  • Basic json files for: Behat, PHPUnit, Doctrine, Symfony, Twig and PHP Core
  • Json REST-Server inside PhpStorm

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Recent change notes

  • PhpStorm 2017.1 build
  • Add more static json configurations #15, #14, #11, #10, #9, #8 @stof @Koc @King2500
  • Add extension point for json resource
  • Fix worker exited due to exception java.lang.NullPointerException #51
  • Java8 and PhpStorm 2016.x migration
  • Icons from com.intellij.icons.AllIcons sub-classes not working #43
  • Add function provider #38
  • Update static json thx to: @King2500, @havvg
  • Add some more extension point and api improvements for foreign plugins
  • Add parameters to registrar json object and pipe to parameter #37
  • Add trait and interface provider #15
  • Providers can provide presentable information
  • Add php variadic like provider
  • Add Json REST-Server
  • Migrate Symfony plugin inline code signature provider detection
  • skip invalid json files #23
  • Fixing invalid completion for array values in key #18
  • Allow double slashes for class and interfaces #25
  • Provide extension point for target name resolving #34
  • Add some more core json completion @Koc, @King2500 #2
  • First public release