Winstanley WDL

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Aug 02, 2018
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Winstanley provides WDL language support to the IntelliJ IDEA IDE. For the WDL language specification, see For a workflow engine runner which supports WDL, see

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Recent change notes

0.4: - Highlight missing, misspelled, and extraneous inputs at call sites (WDL 1.0 only) 0.3.3: - Fixed an issue that caused variables named "version" to be incorrectly flagged as errors 0.3.2: - Allows "version 1.0" as a version alias of "version draft-3" - Adds more nudges towards best practices - Warnings on draft-2 / 1.0 differences - Fixes an incorrect error highlight 0.3.1: - Bug fixes in draft 3 support 0.3: - Initial WDL Draft 3 support 0.2: - Go to declarations added from calls to tasks - Go to declarations added from call outputs to calls - More bug fixes 0.1.10: - Added support for optional-optional type parsing (eg Int??) - Stopped error messages occurring for empty text ranges. 0.1.9: - Fixed a bug that caused duplicate closing braces to appear. - Fixed a bug that failed reference-lookup for outputs referencing other outputs 0.1.8: - Added brace matching support. - Added auto-commenting/uncommenting. - Added foldable sections in the WDL editor. - Added support for pair literals. - Added undeclared value detection. - Added "Go to declaration" (for declared variables only). 0.1.7: - Added support for if/then/else expression. - Added support for "default=" and "true= false=" sections in command blocks. - Updated the .wdl icon to be less offensive in IntelliJ's "default" theme. - Allows multiple consecutive member or array accesses (eg 'foo = bar[0].out[2]')