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Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Rider Android Studio
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DEPRECATED – please install Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ plugin to get latest updates.
  • Azure HDInsight Tool for Java has been integrated into Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ. And will stop updating. We recommend that use the Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ which includes the latest and greatest version of HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ.
  • If you created projects using the HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ, they will continue to work in the Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ.
Important new functionalities have been released! Please install Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ plugin to use these cool features. The recent release focuses on users’feedback to ensure a smooth user experiences on project creation and submission. The release also covers a couple of new features including Spark 2.0 support, local run, and a refined Job View and Job Graph.

Support Spark 2.0
The HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ and Eclipse now is fully compatible Spark 2.0. It allows you to enjoy the cool features from Spark 2.0 including API usability, SQL 2003 support, performance improvements, structured streaming, R UDF support, as well as operational improvements.

Local Run - Use the HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ with the Hortonworks Sandbox
With this feature, the HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ can work with generic Hadoop clusters in addition to submitting Spark jobs to HDInsight clusters. Using the Hortonworks Sandbox allows you to work with Hadoop locally on your development environment. Once you have developed a solution and want to deploy it at scale, you can then move to an HDInsight cluster. Connect to local sandbox for local run and debug

Job View & Job Graph
The updated Job View provides you a slick UI to view your jobs list, job summary, and details for a selected job. The job graph also allows you to view the execution details, task summary, and executors view for a job.

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