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Mar 22, 2017
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Android sqlite interface generator.
Generates interfaces for safely running SQLite statements and
mapping back from a cursor.

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Recent change notes


  • New: Delete Update and Insert statements without arguments get
  • compiled statements generated.
  • Fix: Using clause within a view used in a subquery doesn
  • 't error.
  • Fix: Duplicate types on generated Mapper removed.
  • Fix: Subqueries can be used in expressions that check against arguments.


  • New: Select queries are now exposed as a `SqlDelightStatement` factory instead of string constants.
  • New: Query JavaDoc is now copied to statement and mapper factories.
  • New: Emit string constants for view names.
  • Fix: Queries on views which require factories now correctly require those factories are arguments.
  • Fix: Validate the number of arguments to an insert matches the number of columns specified.
  • Fix: Properly encode blob literals used in where clauses.