Aspose.Note Java (Maven) for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Mar 16, 2016

Aspose.Note is a feature-rich Java class library that enables java applications to programmatically interact with OneNote documents without requiring Microsoft Office OneNote having installed on the server. The Java API of Aspose.Note empowers developers to Create, Read, Export and Manipulate the contents of the Microsoft OneNote file format by working with attachments, text, hyperlinks, tables, tags and text styles. Easily extract images from OneNote documents and convert them to PDF, BMP, JPG, GIF and TIFF image file formats with high fidelity.

With Aspose.Note for Java, it is possible to program with Microsoft OneNote files without Microsoft Office Automation. The OneNote API is easy to use, saves time and developers can create robust solutions with less code.

The plugin's Aspose.Note Maven Project wizard creates a Aspose.Note Java API maven project by fetching and referencing the latest API artifact from the Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

Aspose.Note Maven Project wizard also gives you option to download examples source code of using Aspose.Note for Java API.

Once you are finished with the wizard i.e created project and downloaded examples. You can add those example source codes --for using Aspose.Note Java API-- in your project.

The newly created project and the examples you added is now ready to be extended, all references and required resources will also be automatically added.

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General usage instructions

This plugin makes it easy to use Aspose.Note for Java APIs in your project. This plugin contains two wizards: 1. Aspose.Note Maven Project Wizard 2. Aspose.Note Examples. After installing the plugin, you can run "Aspose.Note Maven Project Wizard" from "File->New Project->Aspose.Note Maven Project". The wizard steps will ask you for project information i.e Project Name, Artifact ID. There will be a checkbox to optionally download Examples source codes (to add later into the project). Aspose.Note Examples Wizard lets you add Aspose.Note Examples into your project. All the examples of the selected category will be copied in "com.aspose.note.examples" package and related assets will be added to "src/main/resources" package which are needed to run the examples.