Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jul 26, 2017

HULI.COM(狐狸金服) common generator tools,generate json/thrift idl from model/bean.Or generate properties from xml
1,Type alt+insert to choose your target(such as JsonSample,ThriftIDL,XmlToProperties).
2,You can set the blacklist of field by using regular expression.(Setting -> Other Setting -> SYDCommonGenSetting)

enjoy it!
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Recent change notes

v 1.2.11
fix bug
v 1.2.10
fix v1.2.9 change log.
v 1.2.9
can extract text in '\<\!\[CDATA\[.*\]\]\>'
v 1.2.8
exclude xml root tag
v 1.2.7
support xml to properties
v 1.2.6
fix circular reference.
v 1.2.5
fix bug.
v 1.2.3
skip enum
v 1.2.2
Strengthen the tolerance
v 1.1
1,refactor package
2,fix bug
v 1.0
1,Generate thrift idl from bean obj.
2,Generate json sample from bean obj.
3,You can set black field pattern to determine which field will be skipped.