Es6 intentions

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ES6 custom actions.

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Recent change notes

Changes on 0.2.2:

Added live templates under the group es6Intentions

  • tv: "${template_variable}"
  • afunc: "arrow function"
  • litar: "Iterate elements of array (same as 'itar', but with 'let' instead of 'var')
  • ades: "array destructuring"
  • odes: "object destructuring"

Changes on 0.2.1:

Added "convert to template string", go to "refactor > convert to template string " and '"something " + someVar' will be replaced with '`something ${someVar}`'. Note that this is still buggy. Adding parenthesis usually solves wrong conversions.

Changes on 0.2:

Less robust, but kinda better (now you don't need to select the method, and you can recursively convert to or from arrow functions)

This is a proof of concept, use at your own risk!
Possible outcomes are: stupid code, broken code, fire, death.
This first beta version has a simple convert to/from arrow function for javascript files. Put your caret on a function or arrow function and go to refactor > convert [to|from] arrow function or press ctrl + alt [+ shift] + a on default windows keymap.