LibGDX Inspections

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
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This unofficial plugin adds a number of LibGDX related inspections and features to IntelliJ and Android Studio.

This plugin needs a recent version of the official Kotlin plugin to be installed (even if you don't use Kotlin), so install and/or enable that plugin first.

See for more information.

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Recent change notes

  • Proper support for arrays and nested objects in Skin files
  • Fixed Structure View not updating when changing files
  • Support for Completion, Go to Definition and Find Usages of resources from Skin files and Atlas files in Java and Kotlin code. Use the @LibGDXAssets annotation to specify the files to use. See the README for usage instructions.
  • Atlas files: allow spaces in region names
  • Misc. bug fixes
  • Syntax Highlighting and Structure View for .fnt files
  • Use Maven Central instead of GitHub to determine latest versions of libraries. Respect proxy settings, if any.
  • Add versions checks for more libraries. The following libraries are now checked: Ashley, Autumn, Autumn MVC, Box2d, Box2dLights, Gdx AI, GDX Bullet, GDX Controllers, GDX FreeType, gdx-dialogs, gdx-facebook, gdx-lml, gdx-lml-vis, Gdx-Pay, Kiwi, KTX actors, KTX app, KTX assets, KTX collections, KTX i18n, KTX inject, KTX log, KTX math, KTX scene2d, KTX style, KTX vis, KTX vis-style, LibGDX, libgdx-utils, libgdx-utils-box2d, Overlap2D, Vis Runtime, VisUI, Web Sockets, Web Sockets Serialization
  • Several fixes in the handling of Skin files, show color previews everywhere and use Ctrl-B to jump between definitions and usages of Tinted Drawables
  • Skin files:
    • Fix Find Usages for resource names
    • Ctrl-B on a class name: jump to class source
    • Ctrl-B on a property name: jump to field source
    • Ctrl-B on a bitmap font name: jump to font file
    • Renaming a resource with Shift-F6 also renames usages of that resource in the Skin file
    • Click on a color preview to open a color selection dialog
    • Inspections for Skin files: warnings about using classes or fields which do not exist and about malformed color strings
  • Syntax Highlighting, Structure View and Folding for .atlas/.pack files
  • Skin files:
    • Fix auto indentation
    • Goto Definition/Find Usages for resource names in Skin files
    • Refactoring: support for renaming resources
  • Skin files:
    • Code completion (classnames, resource names, property names, etc)
    • Structure view
    • Configure the code style and formatting for Skin files with Settings -> Editor -> Code Style -> LibGDX and apply it to existing code with Code -> Reformat Code
    • Brace matching
  • Fixed several issues with Skin files
  • Code folding for Skin files