Compatible with TeamCity
Oct 06, 2016
Cradiator is a Windows (WPF) app that displays a summary of Continuous Integration (CI) project statuses. It is basically an Information Radiator for CI

General usage instructions

Important Features
  • Shows breakers of a build (if broken) or the volunteer to fix the build
  • Various "skins" (layouts) to choose from
  • Filter by Category (in addition to Project Name)
  • Show progress/status when making connection to Cruise server (configurable)
  • Color gradients for visual appeal
  • Wav files can be played on specific events (currently 'NewlyBrokenBuild' and 'NewlyFixedBuild')
  • Speech synthesis - Cradiator says which build is broken (handy for those with sore necks who can't check the big screen) - uses SAPI support on Windows. The text to say and the voice itself is configurable - so you can Download your own voices
  • Show a Countdown of how many seconds to go before refreshing status
  • Debug-mode facility to allow developers to replace the Cruise Web Service XML with their own XML - handy for UI testing/experimentation and screenshot/demos
  • Config file can even be edited while the app is running (ie is 'watched' for changes and applied immediately or at the next refresh interval)
  • Settings dialog (for people with text-editor phobias)
  • MultiUrl - Combine multiple projects or servers into one screen (view) by specifying multiple URLs (space-delimited)
  • MultiView - Is your monitor not big enough to display all your projects? Split your projects between separate "views". A view is the combination of URL, Skin and project filters. When more than 1 view is set, each one is shown on a rotation cycle every poll interval (default 30 seconds) For example, if you have 12 projects, you can set 2 views which show only 6 each