Web Hooks (tcWebHooks)

Compatible with TeamCity
Sep 14, 2018

The original WebHooks integration plugin for Teamcity. Supports many build states and payload formats.

Release Notes:

See release notes here: https://github.com/tcplugins/tcWebHooks/releases/tag/v1.1-rc1.243.373

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Recent change notes

tcWebHooksPlugin 1.1 Release Candidate 1

This release focuses on previewing and executing webhooks whilst editing a WebHook. It also includes the workaround for the REST API on TeamCity 2018.1.2 (issue #112)

Preview and Test WebHook changes
This release adds the ability to preview a webhook as it is being edited. No need to save the webhook, and run a build to test a change. Just click the "Preview & Test" tab in the webhook dialog and select a build from the history and your edits will be previewed.

Then to execute that webhook, click "Send Test Webhook for Build Event".

This release has a lot of refactoring of the frontend UI code (JS and jQuery) in the WebHook edit dialog. If there are any bugs, they will be in the WebHook edit screen. Please raise an issue if you encounter any weirdness. :-)

- Add ability to preview WebHook edits (issue #79) - Add ability to execute a WebHook whilst editing a WebHook (issue #79)< - Add link to tcWebHooksTemplates project on Template page (issue #110)
- Include Microsoft Teams templates (issue #108)

Bug fixes
- Workaround REST API incompatibility with TeamCity 2018.1.2 (issue #112)
- Remove useless buildFinishTime variable from Template Edit screen (issue #109)
- Remove missing variable from JSP which was causing stack trace (issue #109)
- Remove buggy template renderer code which was causing stack trace (issue #109)