Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Nov 01, 2016
Editor打开一个文件时(图片资源或者类文件,xml文件等),有时为了复制或者做其他事情,需要去左边面板project视图找到此文件。 若工程项目庞大,文件多,找起来非常耗时(即使使用搜索)。 找来找去没找到从editor 视图快速跳转,选定project视图中此文件的快捷键,于是撸了一个。 快捷键设置为F7,若冲突请自行修改。 可以到Github中查看使用方式。 Description of English Sometimes we need to find the file in project view from editor view in order to copy this file (especially resource file such as drawable .png file). When the project is getting larger,it take times (Even use search tool) FindInProjectView help you quickly find the file in project view. See details in github.
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