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Plugin for Redis
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Recent change notes

  • We can now remove multi-keys at once in keys explorer.
  • Minor update to make the plugin better.
  • Redis lua editor and runner support('Lua' plugin is required!).
  • Redis command documentation for lua editor.
  • Redis function auto-completion for lua editor.
  • Redis commands auto-completion for lua editor.
  • Redis lua debugger support for both sync and async mode.
  • Redis command console support for debugger.
  • Print redis call details when stepping over in debugger.
  • Evaluate of code fragment support in debugger.
  • Made our editors better.
  • Integrate redis commands with IntelliJ as a custom language.
  • Add advanced redis console and all commands are supported.
  • Commands and keywords autocompletion.
  • Commands documentation.
  • Commands formatting.
  • More friendly command execution view.
  • Preview console result as json, xml etc.
  • Console history support.
  • Other minor updates to make the plugin better.
  • History pattern autocompletion.
  • Easily configure redis server.
  • Configure and inspect the slow log.
  • Manage client list.
  • Public release.