[JedIDE] Plugin for handy Force.com development with JetBrains IDEs

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm RubyMine AppCode CLion Gogland Rider Android Studio
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JedIDE is a SalesForce Apex IDE and plugin for IntelliJ platform. JedIDE simplifies development and deployment of Apex, VisualForce and other Force.com metadata types. JedIDE is available in two versions:
  • as a IntelliJ IDEA plugin
  • standalone IDE based on IDEA Community Edition


The following features are available:
  • Offline validation (robust parser, type inference, detects unresolved references)
  • Incremental deploy/retrieve, smart check deploy conflicts
  • Code insight (Inspections, Intentions, Quick Fixes, Refactorings, Live Templates, Safe delete)
  • Rename refactorings
  • Code completion (postfix, statements, punctuation, type inference based)
  • Powerful navigation (Find In Path, Find Usages, Go To, Show Hierarchy)
  • Execute anonymous
  • Test framework
  • Log viewer
  • Code generation utils
  • Code coverage
  • Foldings
  • Structure view
  • Code formatting

SalesForce Lightning support is coming in the next version.

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Recent change notes


  • Bugfix:
    • JedIDE-150: Test run on server fails with ApiQueryFault when org does not have a prefix
    • JedIDE-149: Red code for standard event related attributes, like 'press'
    • JF-2665: Red code for standard 'aura:attribute', 'aura:handler', etc Lightning tags
    • JF-2659: StackOverflowError on opening some lightning xml files
    • JedIDE-152: Automatically update run config when Test Suite modified


  • VisualForce:
    • Standard tags completion with required attributes and handy attributes initialization
    • Navigation, completion and validation for custom components
    • Navigation to controllers: quick fixes, completion and validation for VisualForce attributes
    • Completion and validation for attributes of enumerated types
    • Javascript and CSS support inside VisualForce pages (requires IDEA Ultimate)
    • Case-insensitivity support
  • Lightning:
    • Lightning components retrieve and deploy
    • Actions to create Lightning components and their sub-items
    • Support for lightning-specific xml schemas, initial revision
  • Test Framework:
    • Retrieve, create and deploy of Test Suites
    • Create run configuration based on Test Suite
    • Create run configuration for a custom set of test methods
  • Debug logs:
    • Navigation from debug logs and execute anonymous log to class or url
  • Deploy & Retrieve:
    • Expanded static resources bundles deploy on 'Deploy Project' action
    • Smarter retrieve & deploy for test classes - avoid deploys if the tests are not changed locally
    • Salesforce panel now logs timestamps for server events
  • User Workflow:
    • Create expanded static resource bundle from scratch
  • ApexVCS:
    • Meta-xml files are now tracked by ApexVCS
    • Event log is updated according to actual conflicts status
    • Deployment status is shown in Status Bar
  • Refactoring:
    • Component rename or deletion affects corresponding metadata file


  • Deploy & Retrieve:
    • Static resource bundle content
    • Do not retrieve before deploy if timestamps aren't changed
    • Synchronize package.xml with retrieved components
    • Deploy deletions and renamings on 'Deploy Project' action
    • Remotely deleted files will be updated locally after retrieve project
    • Show summary of the incoming changes after retrieve project
  • User Workflow:
    • Ability to expand static resource bundle
    • Sort and group by majority the component types in 'Retrieve' view
    • Filter component names according to settings for managed packages
  • Highlight (Offline Validation):
    • Possibility to suppress 'cannot resolve ...' error for sObject fields and built-in class members
  • Code Insight & Inspections:
    • Search unused elements in project
  • Find Usages:
    • Show usages for 'for-each loop' parameter and 'catch' parameter
  • Debug Logs:
    • Ability to select a part of a log row
    • Ability to show multiline data in column cell
  • Show in Salesforce Web:
    • Action will not be available for unsupported files
  • Refactoring:
    • Fix 'Extract variable' errors