Transliterate Umlauts

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Nov 26, 2016
This plugin is for projects which use German for naming their classes, symbols, and files but restrict the character set used for naming to ASCII. E.g. they would have classes like "Aenderungsauftrag" instead of "Änderungsauftrag". Finding something in such an environment becomes a hassle once the use of native characters is allowed, because now you may encounter both spellings and never know, if you just missed a class when searching by one spelling or the other.

This is where this plugin steps in. It will produce hits for both spellings, i.e. if the users entered "Änd" in the "navigate to class" field (CTRL+N), IDEA will produce both "Aenderungsauftrag" and "Änderungsauftrag". It also works vice versa with the restriction that this way around the translation is not unique, e.g. searching for "Kaesefondue" would not see the actual class "Käsefondue" because the plugin overdid its job.

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