Arma IntelliJ Plugin

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Jun 21, 2018
31 620

NOTICE: this plugin is not intended for C/C++ Development.

Arma IntelliJ Plugin provides support for the SQF scripting language used in the video game Arma 3.
Some of the most notable plugin features are:

  • Full command syntax analysis
  • Type checking
  • Config function auto-completion
  • Code and file templates
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Arma Addon Indexing Support

Arma IntelliJ Plugin is also bundled with Arma Dialog Creator. You can launch it via Tools->Arma Dialog Creator

Recent change notes

**Added** * auto completion for literals (ctrl+space on disableAI will reveal things like "AUTOCOMBAT") **Changed** * removed duplicate vars from auto completion * prioritized auto completion such that literals are always first, config functions are second, vars are third, and commands are last. **Fixed** * scenario where config functions couldn't be located when no directory was marked as sources root. This was resolved by assuming the parent directory of the module .iml file was the src root. *