Missing In Actions

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Apr 21, 2018
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Missing In Actions

Adds missing editor actions for end of word navigation but that is just the beginning:

  • Automatic Selection stack, stores last 5 selections by default. Recall last selection or any previous selection from a list.
  • Enable Auto Indent Lines after move line/selection up or down actions to have lines indented automatically.
  • Use Smart Paste to eliminate case change and prefix edits when pasting identifiers. MIA will match case and style of identifier at destination when you paste. Undo to get results before MIA adjusted them.

    Copy myColumnData and paste it over DEFAULT_VALUE to get COLUMN_DATA, reverse the order and get myDefaultValue.

    Works when pasting at the beginning, end and middle of identifiers.

    Supports: camelCase, PascalCase, snake_case, SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE, dash-case, dot.case, slash/case

    Default prefixes: my, our, is, get, set to allow pasting over member fields, static fields, getters and setters.

  • Enable Auto Line Selections and select full lines without loosing time or column position by moving the caret to the start of line when selecting or pasting. Choose whether you want to paste full line selections: above or below the current line regardless of the caret’s column.
  • Toggle between selection and multiple carets on selected lines to save time re-selecting the same text again.
  • Filter multiple carets saves you time when creating multiple carets by removing carets on blank or comment lines so you can edit only code lines.
  • Enhanced Paste from History dialog:
    • combine, arrange and reverse the order of content entries
    • combine multiple clipboard contents with caret information intact
    • paste and re-create multiple carets from information already stored on the clipboard
    • duplicate line/block for each caret in the clipboard content and put a caret on the first line of the block, ready for multi-caret select and paste
    • see caret information stored on the clipboard for each content entry
  • Many more options and adjustments to make multiple caret text editing fast, efficient and easy.

Plugin website: Missing In Actions GitHub Repo

Bug tracking & feature requests: Missing In Actions GitHub Issues

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Recent change notes

1.4.8 - Bug Fix Release
  • Fix: on paste add prefixes would only be honored if remove prefixes was enabled
  • Fix: camel case preserve paste, adding a non-letter/digit prefix to not uppercase first letter of pasted content. To fix auto prefixing of $ for php when pasting non-variable name over variable.
  • Add: Single line caret spawning search now enabled with carets on multiple lines if at least one line has more than one caret. This allows the spawning carets to spawn on multiple lines, extending usefulness of this beyond single line search spawn.
  • Add: Single line caret spawning search now limits the spawned carets to the existing selection of the caret, if there is one. This allows spawning carets in a limited text range.
  • Add: Smart Keep/Remove carets add remove non-selection carets if both selection and non-selection carets exist.
  • Add: paste selection dialog options to join lines/multiple caret content and optionally quote individual items with open quote, close quote and delimiter text customizable.
  • Add: multi-caret actions: keep-carets with selection and keep carets without selection.
  • Add: clear isolated lines action to clear isolation. Select All, add to isolated is un-intuitive.
  • Fix: numbering without selections for carets would mess up selections.
  • Fix: exception when inserting number sequence with last caret being on the last line of the document without an EOL.
  • Change: search spawning caret action when non-identifier or space now will search for a span of matching characters. For example caret on && will spawn a caret on every occurrence of && instead of just & as before which produced a useless result 99% of the time.
  • Fix: caret spawning search forward/backward regex when word starts or ends on $ which regex does not consider an identifier character so \b does not handle the word break properly.
  • Fix: Highlights sorted in reverse length order to allow longer matches to succeed before possibly shorter sub-strings.
  • Fix: @NotNull argument must not be null exception.

General usage instructions

Install and map keys to provided actions and configure in Tools > Missing In Actions