Ebean 10.x Enhancement

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Ebean enhancement for 10.x

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Recent change notes

10.1.6c #14 - Fix file url's resolving to a host
10.1.6b Fix issue with plugin not using write context
10.1.6 Bump to 10.1.6 agent (combined entity and query bean enhancement)
10.1.2 Update agents to support Kotlin native query beans
10.1.1 Built for Ebean 10.x (change package to io.ebean)
8.2.2 Fix plugin issue with runWriteAction and bump to 8.2.2 of agent
8.2.1 Fix an issue with querybean enhancement and getCommonSuperClass()
8.1.1 Use 8.1.1 agent (for use with 8.x Ebean)

4.11.3 Rename to Ebean 4.x Enhancement (as 8.x specific version coming)
4.11.2 Combine entity and query bean enhancement
4.11.1 Version 4.11.1 agent (drop use of ebean.mf for packages to enhance) Fix PR#2 - aware of compiled classes during enhancement
4.10.1 Version 4.10.1 agent (fixes for #30 and #31)
4.9.2 Version 4.9.2 agent (fixes for #22 and #28)
4.8.1 Version 4.8.1 agent and supports using ebean.mf
4.7.1 Version 4.7.1 agent
4.6.1 Version 4.6.1 agent
4.5.3 Version 4.5.3 agent