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Oct 16, 2017
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Through the MVPManager can quickly manage the MVP framework
      Generate the code required for MVP and automatically create the implementation class, and implement methods.
      Reverse MVP code to add or remove methods, without having to manually in the interface and the implementation class in two operations.

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Recent change notes

1. 可以将创建的所有文件放一个包中; 2. 通过单选按钮切换文件创建位置(单包/多包); 3. 预览创建的文件所在包的位置; >1. You can create all the files in a package. >2. Through the radio button to switch the file to create the location (single package / multi-pack). >3. Preview the location of the file where the file was created.

General usage instructions

1. 创建MVP代码(Create the MVP code.) 通过右键项目包名 -> New -> MVPManager,这时将出现MVP创建界面,当编辑好内容后点击'OK'将会自动创建MVP的Contract类,并且创建对于的实现类,并实现接口中方法。

2. 编辑MVP代码(Edit the MVP code.) 通过在Contarct类中右键 -> Generate -> MVPManager,这时将出现MVP编辑界面,可对方法进行增加,或者删除。

1. Open MVP Manager: By right-clicking on the package name -> New -> MVPManager. Click OK when the content is edited and the MVP Contract class will be created automatically, and the implementation class for the interface will be created.

2. By right-clicking in the Contarct class -> Generate -> MVPManager, the MVP editing interface will appear. You can add or remove the method