Apache Camel IDEA Plugin

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
May 23, 2018
29 271
Plugin for Intellij IDEA to provide a set of small Apache Camel related capabilities to the code editor. The plugin includes:
  • Code completion for Camel endpoints in Java, XML, properties or yaml files (ctrl + space)
  • Code completion for Camel property placeholders (cursor after {{)
  • Code completion for bean methods inside Camel bean DSL
  • Endpoint options filtered to only include applicable options when used as consumer vs producer only mode
  • Quick navigation to other Camel routes routing to this route by clicking the Camel icon in the gutter
  • Intention to add new Camel endpoint (alt + enter in empty string)
  • Quick documentation for Camel endpoints and external link to Camel component opening in web browser (ctrl + j and shift-F1)
  • Show endpoint information in tooltip when hovering mouse over from/to etc in Java route builders
  • Supports 3rd party Camel components (if they have been properly built with Camel JSon schema metadata)
  • Attempts to use same version as camel-core dependency from the loaded project (may require download over internet)
  • Real time validation for Camel endpoints in Java, XML (underline errors in red)
  • Real time validation for Camel simple & jsonpath languages in Java and XML (underline errors in red)
  • Inspection (analyze code) to validate Camel endpoints and simple & jsonpath languages in Java and XML
  • Quick navigation to bean method from Java DSL
  • Preference page to customize property ignore list from property completion
  • Preference page to exclude property/yml files from property completion
  • Supports Maven, Gradle, and SBT based projects

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Recent change notes

  • Upgrade to IntelliJ 2018.1.3
  • Find usage where methods are called from Camel routes.
  • The preference UI has now a separate page for validation settings
  • Bug fixes
  • Upgraded to Apache Camel 2.21.1
  • Added support for real time validation of JSonPath language
  • Bug fixes
  • Upgraded to Apache Camel 2.21.0
  • Bug fixes
  • Added official Camel logo as new default gutter icon
  • Add Camel Gutter for each HTTP methods when using REST DSL components
  • Added initial support for quick navigation to bean methods from Java DSL
  • Remove support for Groovy, Scala and Kotlin
  • Various internal refactorings to cleanup the code
  • Upgraded to Apache Camel 2.20.2
  • Upgraded to IntelliJ 2017.3.4

General usage instructions

The plugin is activated by positioning the cursor in any Camel endpoint string and press ctrl + space for smart completion. The list is populated with possible Camel options you can add/edit on the endpoint. On an empty String you can use an intention (alt + enter) to add a new Camel endpoint from a list of possible Camel components from your project classpath.