Material Theme UI EAP

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm RubyMine AppCode CLion Gogland DataGrip Rider Android Studio
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This will add the Material Theme look to your IDE.

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Recent change notes

  • Add custom accent color configuration
  • Add Uppercase bold tabs to look more like MDTabs
  • Add Compact Sidebar height configuration
  • Reduce minimal length of tabs to 18
  • Add a border to the editor when tabs placement is left or right
  • Set accent color to non-customizable search boxes
  • Fix issues with Elements not being themed
  • Fix action buttons not working
  • Add background color to search result
  • Allow customization of file status colors
  • Fix issue with non material checkboxes
  • Rewrite Wallpaper component
  • Fix height of Run/Debug toolbars
  • More UI Icons
  • Changed javascript icon
  • Changed javascript instance member colors
  • Material Checkboxes
  • Fix issue with file colors (
  • Fix issue with line highlight accent (
  • Convert old "Bold tabs option" into "bold directories"
  • Tree colors like the sublime theme
  • Selected Tree Line like in the Sublime Theme
  • Set opened folders with accent theme like in Sublime
  • More UI File icons
  • Themed My Commits and Merge commits in VCS Log
  • Better color for Selected Tool Window Buttons
  • Fix Hide File Icons
  • Fix Objective C and Coffeescript colors
  • Set TabsHeight as scalable for High DPI (
  • Removing bold tabs Version 0.7.0
  • Material Design Spinners
  • Material Design Comboboxes
  • Material Design Action Buttons
  • Add opacity to Tree Selected background
  • Support for disabled Text Inputs
  • Custom Accents Support
  • More UI Icons
  • Fix Tool window issue
  • Disable PHP File Association to make use of custom Psi Icons
Version 0.6.0
  • Fix issue with Merge window
  • Put the Material Theme Options under Appearance
  • Add more actions, and regroup menus
  • Much more UI Icons
  • Refactor code
  • CheckStyle and Copyright
Version 0.5.3
  • Add bigger status bar
  • Change Material Progress Loader
  • Make better colors for memory indicator for Darker, Lighter and Palenight
  • Fix caret issue with lighter themes
  • Add docker-compose yaml association (thanks @thaffenden)
  • Other bug fixes
Version 0.5.2
  • Fix many color issues with the Lighter theme: Progress bars, Indicator, Autocomplete, Tree foreground color, Notifications colors, breakpoint colors...
  • Remove None theme
Version 0.5.1
  • Material Dialog Headers
Version 0.5.0
  • Themed Scrollbars
  • Material Table Headers
  • Material Inputs
  • Material Passwords (and option to show hidden chars)
  • Material Tabs
  • Add option to disable Material Theme but leaving icons, tabs, schemes...
  • Customizable Tab Height
  • Custom Tree Indents
  • Better notifications
  • Themed Dialog headers
  • More UI Icons
  • Bug fixes (and possible improvements)
Version 0.4.4
  • Add default font as Roboto
  • Make options searchable
  • Tinted Icon implementation
  • Redesigned folders to suit the MT icons (though help is appreciated)
  • Added custom file colors
  • Add theme changer to Quick Switch (Ctrl+~)
  • More UI Icons
  • Fix issue with Statusbar option not being saved
  • Add bigger file icons for original ones (sass, php, ruby...)
  • More file icons: Chef, Cucumber, EJS, Jinja, Freemarker, PHPunits, Typings, Visio, VS
  • Hide exceptions about IndexOutOfBounds
  • Show red icon for excluded open files
  • Remove old PSI icons to use IntelliJ's
  • Change pin icons (alpha)
  • Better icons for expand and collapse (alpha)
  • Fix bad associations
  • Changed behavior of Custom Wallpaper to not change custom bg when the checkbox is off
  • Add option to disable current theme indicator
  • Fix issue sqlite
Version 0.4.3
  • Themed notifications like MD toasts
  • Put indicator in Status bar for current theme
  • Fix issue with composer, Rakefile, plist, aurelia, node... icons
Version 0.4.2
  • A lot more file type icons
Version 0.4.1
  • Fix syntax highlight for HOCON, Groovy, Apache, Hibernate and Scala (partly)
  • More icons: Ansible, Aurelia, CakePHP
  • Fix issue with light color schemes not being saved
  • Fix settings not being saved
Version 0.4.0
  • Fix #92
  • Refactor: put selected theme into MTConfig and create ThemeManager
  • Fix: Do not try to replace all icons, if an icon is not provided use Jetbrains one.
  • Refactor project: put the selected theme in the MTConfig + better folder structure
  • Add more icons: Access, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Audio, Video, Elm, Go, Hack, Julia, Pug, Kotlin, Maya, Markup, Premiere, Powershell, Rake, Riot, Stata, Sublime, Vim
  • Fix PHP + JS Code Schemes
  • New: Background image for empty IDE with customization available in options
  • New: Option to hide file icons in the Project View
  • New: Option to disable Material Icons
  • New: Option to disable Project View decorators
  • New: Option to select compact (and not compact) project view
  • New icons: Akka, Ada, Android
  • New UI Icons
  • Progress indicators
  • Revert better contrasts as it breaks theme change
  • Set light theme version of contrast mode (needs to set IntelliJ theme though).
Version 0.3.8
  • Code coverage color
  • Better breadcrumbs colors
  • Popup hint backgrounds (alpha)
  • Themed Smart Completion (Ctrl-Space)
  • Themed documentation popups
  • Themed parameter info (Cmd-P)
  • Better contrast mode, now replace most of the backgrounds, leaving only the menus, editor and current tab
  • Action for setting contrast mode
  • Themed tab close button
  • Fix Python Color schemes
  • Fix Go Color Schemes
  • New component to fix python not taking the icons
  • Fix wrong next occurence icon
  • Restore accidently deleted modified icon
  • C and CPP color schemes
Version 0.3.7
  • Add option to set bold tabs
  • Add toggle options to Search Everything
  • Change trees collapse and expand icons
  • Themed IDE icons: Checkout, Project Structure, Back, Forward, History, Up, Down, Step Into, Step Out, Compile, Jars, Library...
  • Other bug fixes and improvements...
  • Fix button background not taking the full width
  • Themed Memory Indicator
Version 0.3.6
  • Add postCSS icon association
  • Fix Console colors
  • Align text and menu colors with the original theme
Version 0.3.5
  • Themed Welcome Screen
  • Themed Progress Bar
  • Themed Striped Tables
  • Removed some separator borders
  • Focused button
  • Hopefully fix issue with Rider #17
  • Fix Ruby Color schemes
  • Make buttons stand out a bit more anyway
  • Add a new setting in the Options to disable/enable the new buttons (and further components) look.
  • Fix issue with font scale on HiDPI screens (#13). Thanks @vemilyus
  • Message Bundle
  • Put the active tab highlighter on the opposite site when tab placement is left or right
Version 0.3.4
  • New look for buttons (beta)
  • Add a new button to remove the MT theme and replace it with Darcula
  • Fix back issue with custom fonts not applying
  • Some colors were lost during the 0.3.3 update, hopefully this will fix them
Version 0.3.3:
  • Updated color schemes to reflect the Sublime plugin's color schemes
  • New option: Contrast mode. This will allow you to apply a higher contrast Look and feel
  • Allow resetting the Active Tab settings with the default ones
  • Updated file status colors: modified, added, ignored, conflicts...
  • Replace the "asterisk" icon with an "edit" material icon
  • Set Open and closed folders according to open tabs (still buggy)
Version 0.3.2:
  • Respect tabs placement setting by drawing the active tab indicator on top/left/right/bottom
  • New: Settings for customizing the plugin

    • Active tab indicator custom color
    • Active tab indicator thickness
Version 0.3.1:
  • Fixed issue with Tabs in latest EAP
Version 0.3.0:
  • New Set of Icons from the Sublime theme (
  • Palenight Theme
Fixed in v0.2.4:
  • Prevent file icons from being assigned to classes, methods, etc. @mjdetullio
  • Add file association to .yaml files @thaffenden
  • Separate psd icons from images @Freezystem
  • Add htpasswd to htaccess group @Freezystem
  • Add Dart file icon and association @seanjohnite
  • Set parent scheme of dark themes to Darcula @vsch
  • Set better color for Parameter hints
  • Load MT file icons before everything else (fix #292)
  • Set UITree selected background color to Light Blue as in Windows
Fixed in v0.2.3:
  • Adding icons for package.json, gruntfile, gulpfile and webpack
  • Fix font overriding
  • Menu border color
Fixed in v0.2.2:
  • Fixes UI icons for recent versions of platform. @mallowigi
  • Issue #258 fix crashes on Windows for IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3. @bulenkov
  • More sensible colors for diffs. @hypnoglow
Fixed in v0.2.1:
  • Hopefully a final fix for issue #205, IDEA-157843 and IDEA-156327
Fixed in v0.2.0:
  • Improved visibility for diffs on default color scheme. Thanks @marvhock - #208
  • Hopefully fixes issue #205, IDEA-157843 and IDEA-156327
  • Merged recent changes made to the platform
Added in v0.2.0:
  • SidePanel background color (Preferences)
Fixed in v0.1.9:
  • Fails to launch when using Darker or Lighter theme. Thanks @robertfreund - #187
  • Kotlin syntax highlighting - #153
Added in v0.1.9:
  • File icon: Kotlin - `*.kt`
  • File icon: Liquid - Shopify templating language - `*.liquid`
  • File icon: Lua - `*.lua`
  • File icon: LICENSE files
Fixed in v0.1.8:
  • In some cases getVirtualFile() for psi elements can be null. Fixes #172, #175 - @anstarovoyt
  • Vertical tabs highlight - @Cyberdelia1987
  • Fixes an error which caused the plugin to misbehave in non-java ide's. See #177
Added in v0.1.8:
  • File icon: React `*.jsx` - #162
  • File icon: PHTML `*.phtml`
  • File icon: Gradle `*.gradle` - #140
  • File icon: Text `*.txt`

General usage instructions

This is a [Material Theme]( port of both the IDE and Color scheme for JetBrains products. This version is a sneak peek of the features that are coming to the original Material Theme UI plugin ( by ChrisRM (