Send To Terminal

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Mar 03, 2017
Intellij plugin to send and evaluate current, selection or expression in terminal
The following modes are supported
  • Evaluate the current line or selection in the terminal
  • Evaluate the current most top-level expression under the caret in the terminal
Supported evaluation targets are
  • Terminal (MacOS)
  • iTerm2 (MacOS)
  • R GUI (MacOS)
  • R GUI (Windows)

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Recent change notes

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General usage instructions

When pressing Ctrl-Alt-Enter the current selection or current line (if nothing is selected) will be send to a configurable evaluation target (with the Terminal as default). Up to 4 custom actions can be defined to send the current selection/line to the evaluation target. Those shortcut actions are exposed via the context menu and can be assigned to custom keyboard bindings: