UI5 Helper

The plugin update is pending JetBrains approval
Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm

This plugins adds some codeInsight and framework knowledge for Open- and SAPUI5 to IDEA IDEs. It does not do much in its current state, it is not "production ready" and it will not save your time for now.

Things it may be able to do now (experimental):
  • XMLView: Go To Controller
  • Controller: Go To (XML)View
  • Collapse the controller name in the XMLView
  • complete target names in manifest.json
  • Provide API Docs in XMLView
  • References to event handler implementation in XMLViews
Things that will (or will not) come:
  • Settings to enable or disable certain features
  • Understanding & support for the UI5 binding syntax incl. completion, references, syntax checking
  • Indexer for UI5 classes including metadata and inheritance tree
  • Go to Controller, go to View, go to formatter, go to event handler, ...
  • support for manifest metadata like routes etc.
  • References to event handlers
  • Caching for API docs
  • Version selection in settings actually works.
  • Completion in XML Views
  • Gathers some knowledge about own ui5 classes. Not that useful for now.
  • First implementation of API docs in XMLViews. More to come!
  • Bugfix: controllerName lookup for "sap.ui.core.mvc.XMLView" should work just like "sap.ui.core.mvc.View"
  • Feature: Controller: go to View

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