UI5 Helper

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm

This plugins adds some codeInsight and framework knowledge for Open- and SAPUI5 to IDEA IDEs. It doesn't do much in its current state, it's not "production ready" and it won't save you much time for now.

Things it may be able to do now (experimental):
  • Check XMLViews for invalid aggregations or invalid aggregation content (uses nighly api for now)
  • Highlight simple UI5 bindings
  • Shows errors for complex UI5 bindings even if they are correct (just kidding, this is a bug)
Things that will (or will not) come:
  • Indexer for UI5 classes including metadata and inheritance tree
  • Go to Controller, go to View, go to formatter, go to event handler, ...
  • better support for the binding DSL & support for operations/autocomplete on bindings
  • support for manifest metadata like routes etc.

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