ReasonML language plugin

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Mar 23, 2018
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Reason language plugin.

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Recent change notes

For all the changes, go to github CHANGELOG

To see how to integrate reason tools (bsc, refmt), go to the website.

version 0.43
  • Fix 'Type annotations not working with bs namespace' (#35)
  • Improve completion on expressions
version 0.42
  • Add |. operator
  • goto action on file module is working
  • Improve completion on expressions
  • Color settings no more bloked on loading spinner
version 0.41
  • Much improved performances for code lens
version 0.40
  • JSX completion (tag/attribute)
  • Improved parsers
  • Variant names can be highlighted
version 0.39
  • Better JSX parsing/highlighting
  • Code lens style is customisable
  • Fix #33
  • Completion contributor for Ocaml files (wip)
version 0.38
  • Better JSX parsing/highlighting
  • Fix inferred type annotations
  • Improved reason parser