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Mar 16, 2017
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Quick Start
1. Select .java or .xml(layout resource) files
2. Key down ALT + T
3. Configure template info
4. Restart your IDE and try it

Don't repeat yourself and enjoy your time.

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Recent change notes

1. Compat for jdk1.6+
2. Compat multi IntelliJ products
3. Optimize judgment about Activity

1. Delete old template when perform overwriting operation

1. Fix bug that templates can't be generated in different package path
2. Change default template name from project name to module name

1. Fix the issue that the build.gradle.ftl file can't be merged sometimes

1. Fix bug on Windows OS
2. Show confirm dialog when template already exists

1. Supports Windows OS
2. Supports store configuration message
3. Add input data validating
4. Modify ui style

1. Largely reduce the plugin size

1. Fix bug that crash occurs on startup for Android Studio 2.3

1. Supports editing configuration files
2. Change some logic about building templates
3. fix some issues

1. Automatically add the activity to the AndroidManifest.xml
2. Supports editing a build.gradle file
3. Supports select folder
4. Supports select drawable

General usage instructions

Quickly generate Android Studio Template by the plugin. Github: https://github.com/puke3615/TemplateBuilder