Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Feb 09, 2017
Yet Another Builder plugin Repository Github repository Description Generates an inner class Builder, based on the host class attributes.
  • creates a static class Builder
  • creates getters on the host class
  • creates getters that can be Optional if nullable
  • creates a new private constructor in the host class accepting the builder as parameter
  • creates a new toBuilder() method in the host class to convert the instance back to a Builder
  • creates a new static builder() method in the host class to return an empty Builder
Compiled with Java 8

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Recent change notes

Release 1.0: Initial release.

General usage instructions

  • From a Class, right click -> Refactor -> Extract Builder from this class

  • Use a prefix for your builder methods

  • Remove any fields you don't want and select which fields are nullable