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Feb 21, 2017
Basic viewer for Adobe After Effects animations exported with bodymovin library.

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Recent change notes

  • Added file loading from context menu
  • Added file loading from filesystem
  • Limit supported files to JSON
  • Fixed plugin crash when JavaFX is not present
  • Added player controls (play, pause, loop)
  • Updated bodymovin to 4.5.7
  • Initial release

General usage instructions

Plugin adds toolwindow at the bottom-right of your IDE. Open it, and press Load button when bodymovin JSON file is open in current editor. Also you can load JSON using context menu or Open File dialog.

If plugin fails to load, it means that you are running IDE with JDK that has no JavaFX bundled. Please update your IDE setup to use JDK with provided JavaFX using following instructions:
IntelliJ IDEA
Android Studio