Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
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Auto Generate Unit Tests for source class in Java or Groovy.

No more boilerplate!

  • Auto generate Java or Groovy test code with JUnit 4/5, TestNG or Spock frameworks
  • Auto generate Mockito mocks
  • Generate test params and assertion statements
  • Integrates with IDEA menus: Code->TestMe, Code->Generate

You're welcome to report issues and raise feature requests at TestMe project forum

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Recent change notes

Main Changes in v1.6:
  • Test params generator improvements: heuristically identify and ignore unused properties by the tested method, pass null for constructor arguments that initialize unused properties
  • Mock final classes when Mockito option mock-maker-inline is set in project resource file /mockito-extensions/org.mockito.plugins.MockMaker (reported by koperko on Aug 11 '17)
  • bugfix: Goto Test or Test Generation popup doesn't open for python files due to internal error on testability validation check (reported by aristotll on July 30 '17)
  • bugfix: test params generator - Java Primitive wrappers should not be unwrapped to avoid method call ambiguity (reported by intars on June 6 '17)
  • bugfix: auto location of the appropriate target test module src directory in a multi module project
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