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Nov 12, 2017
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Plugin for LaTeX and BibTeX support in IntelliJ, featuring:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocomplete of labels, (custom defined) commands and environments
  • Writer ergonomics - writing LaTeX made less cumbersome
  • Run configurations for LaTeX and BibTeX (pdfLaTeX, bibtex)
  • Inspections. Intentions. And heaps more inspections.
  • Full BibTeX support
  • Formatter for LaTeX and BibTeX
  • Structure view for LaTeX and BibTeX with filters
  • Code folding for imports, sections, and environments
  • SumatraPDF support with forward and backward search
  • Unicode math preview
  • Gutter icons for quick compilation and file includes
  • Fancy icons that fit in with the IntelliJ style
  • Brace matching
  • Word counting tool
  • File templates for .tex, .sty, .cls and .bib files
  • Automagically import packages of common commands
  • Go to declaration of labels
  • Shortcuts for styling text
  • Line commenter
  • Support for user-created document classes and packages
  • Toggle star action
  • Words of encouragement

All critique, questions, suggestions, requests, bug reports, kudos, and (non-)creative ideas are welcome on the plugin’s GitHub page. If you want to directly chat with us, take a peek at the project's gitter.

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Recent change notes

Beta 0.5

The newest TeXiFy IDEA, with loads of new functionality. Starring in this release: BibTeX support! But also many more inspections and much, much, much, MUCH more. Check out the complete changelog to get an idea of this superhuman release.

We thank everyone who submitted issues and provided feedback to make TeXiFy IDEA better. Your input is valuable and well appreciated.


  • Added BibTeX support (highlighting, formatter, autocomplete, structure view, and more). (#144)
  • Added loads of inspections. Again. (#114)
  • Added support for multipe content roots. (#42)
  • Added breadcrumbs for environments and commands. (#128)
  • Added lookup of package documentation of commands using texdoc. (#2)
  • Added support for \DeclareMathOperator (autocomplete & structure view). (#130)
  • Added amsmath environments to default environment list. (#115)
  • Added intention to change displaymath & equation* environments to \[..\]. (#114)
  • Added new icons to the LaTeX menu. (#135)
  • Added navigation gutter icon for local style files. (#163)
  • Added auto insertion of {} when typing multiple characters in sub- or super script in math mode. (#112)
  • Added auto insertion of \leftX and \rightX. (#110)
  • Added auto insertion of \items in listing environments. (#108)
  • Added autocomplete for default CTAN package names. (#167)
  • Added code folding for imports. (#226)
  • Added code folding for section contents. (#226)


  • Updated icons to make them fancier. (#135)
  • Math environments have math syntax highlighting. (#28)
  • Math environments now have math autocompletion. (#115)
  • Environment autocomplete auto-imports packages. (#115)
  • MissingImports inspection also checks environment dependencies. (#115)
  • Seperated \bibitems from \labels. (#129)
  • \bibitems get included in the structure view. (#129)
  • UnresolvedReference inspection also checks \bibitems. (#129)
  • When inserting a label with the MissingLabel inspection, the cursor will be moved to the end of the label. (#133)
  • Autocompletion of \include omits the .tex extension. (#118)
  • Autocomplete of labels now only shows labels within the document (and inclusions). (#102)
  • Environments added with \newenvironment are now added to the autocomplete. (#137)
  • Made the contents of a .cls file show up as inclusion in the structure view. (#145)
  • Commands defined in a .cls file show up in the autocomplete. (#143)
  • LabelConvention inspection now updates all other references in the file set. (#114)
  • Changed the demo text in LatexColorSettingsPage. (#158)
  • Inclusion commands get indexed to improve performance. (#163)
  • Definition commands get indexed to improve performance. (#186)
  • Spell checker now ignores optional arguments. (#166)
  • Comment environments are decoupled from the comment package when they are defined elsewhere. (#169) (#170)
  • Math mode now gets ignored in word count. (#182)
  • Certain environments get ignored in word count. (#182)
  • Auto insertion of {} after multiletter super- or subscript happens in math-esque environments. (#183)
  • After compilation, the line where the cursor is will be highlighted in SumatraPDF. (#184)
  • Hugely improved performance of file set detection. (#186)
  • Files in resource directories do now show up in file autocomplete. (#204)
  • Words starting with a capital are no longer regarded as a valid sentence end. (#209)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed comments in math mode not being properly highlighted. (#111)
  • Fixed \input and \include not working in PyCharm. (#119)
  • Fixed \RequirePackage not being treated as \usepackage. (#147)
  • Fixed missing document class inspection checking in non-.tex files. (#127)
  • Fixed file inclusion checking not being relative to the document root. (#117)
  • Fixed initial contents of environments not being added to the environment when autocompleted. (#137)
  • Fixed New Latex file menu action not showing in PyCharm. (#121)
  • Fixed \begin not showing the environment autocomplete in math mode. (#142)
  • Fixed some inspections having conflicting short names. (#125)
  • Fixed nested math environments not being supported by the parser. (#61)
  • Fixed commands containing @ not being recognised. (#5)
  • Fixed LatexColorSettingsPage not showing annotation highlighting in demo. (#157)
  • Fixed \RequirePackage and \usepackage not being recognised in file sets. (#162)
  • Fixed UnresolvedReference errors appearing everywhere ‘randomly’. (#165)
  • Fixed indentation issues with TooLargeSection inspection. (#114)
  • Fixed autocomplete not showing up in non-standard environments. (#161)
  • Fixed auto insertion of {} after multiletter super- or subscript. (#183)
  • Fixed parser not allowing stars in math mode. (#171)
  • Fixed inspections working in comment environments. (#196)
  • Fixed crashes. (#125) (#141) (#149) (#160) (#198)

Full list of releases available on the GitHub releases page.