Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA

Plugin for LaTeX support in IntelliJ IDEA.

Note to users: all suggestions/requests/bug reports/kudos/critique/(non-)creative ideas/contributions are welcome on the plugin GitHub page.

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Recent change notes

Beta 0.1

Our first release of the plugin! We are very proud to present our efforts to make writing LaTeX great again, by making use of the excellent Jetbrains IDEA platform. We have a limited feature set available right now, but we intend increase support for the LaTeX language to the fullest extent possible on the IDEA platform.

New features

  • Run configurations
    • Multiple 'compile' (run) configurations.
    • pdfLaTeX supported as compiler.
    • Separate auxiliary files from output (MiKTeX only).
    • Dynamically detect what runtime configuration to use based on the active file.
  • Editor
    • Brace matching for {}, [], \[\] and $$.
    • Brace matching for {}, [], \[\] and $$.
    • Automatically inserts other half of {}, [], \[\] and $$.
    • Most math commands get replaced by their unicode representation using folding.
    • Gutter icon to navigate to included files.
    • Gutter icon to automatically compile the active file.
  • Templates
    • Available file templates for .tex, .sty and .cls files.
  • User interface
    • Create new .tex, .sty and .cls files from the new file menu.
  • Autocomplete
    • For most common default LaTeX macros in both math and non-math mode.
    • Separates non-math from math commands in autocomplete (context-aware).
    • Shows parameter hints for known commands.
  • Syntax highlighting
    • Braces
    • Brackets
    • Optional parameters
    • Commands
    • Commands in inline math mode
    • Commands in display math mode
    • Comments
    • Inline math
    • Display math
    • Stars
  • Other